West End House

Rochelle Asquith

My work involves an element of escapism that is created by taking something quite mundane, like a repetitive pattern, and turning it into something else, incorporating it with something else. I am further fascinated by taking things that are usually full of colour, like flowers, and the sky at night, and stripping them back into black and white and experimenting with form and how I can present them. I like to incorporate as many dream-like qualities into my art as possible so that it creates a wide range of emotions, contained within one state.

As my practice is constantly evolving and changing, the black and white theme is one that remains constant so that it all ties together. Overall, the main theme expressed within my work is a delicacy and attention to detail, and a thread throughout that finds itself in what I am most inspired by: black print work and gothic fairytale illustrations.

The Cat and Pencil

The Cat and and Pencil was launched by Bradford based artist Sophie Alice in 2018, inspired by her feline muse Minerva, who is always close by when she is working. Sophie Alice is a graphite portrait artist who takes commissions of pets, lovingly drawn for people around the world. The majority of commissions come from dog and cat owners, but all animals in portrait form can be commissioned.


Instagram: @thecatandpencil