TCV Hollybush

Another exciting year at Hollybush, look at this list of artists and activities!

Hollie Prince

‘As a teacher I have realised that it is often the journey to achieving your goal that is important and that you should be able to enjoy the process of what you are doing regardless of the outcome. My recent work has is very abstracted as I have become enamoured with the process of making and teaching students that there are many form of “good” Art. I have been experimenting with the flow of paint, combinations of colour and texture to build sculptural layers within my Art, whilst at the very heart of the work is a sense of joy in the journey itself.’

‘I graduated from Newcastle university with a BAs in Fine Art in 2014. Since then I have moved to the kirkstall area and teach Art at a secondary school in Bradford. I’d say Art is something I’ve always done from a young age and as an adult it is a way for me to switch off from the everyday.’

Instagram: @hmprinceart

Gavin McIntosh

My current focus is on the landscape of Yorkshire, where I have lived since 1998. In particular, as a keen cyclist, I’m trying to capture something of the visual and emotional impact of riding through this powerful and always changing environment. 

I try to produce works that convey a sense of place, using semi-abstract expressive properties to trigger and resonate with the viewer’s own experiences. I include representational cues that anchor the works as landscapes, but try to leave space for exploration and interpretation, so that a dialogue takes place between work and viewer.

Juliette Anne

I work mainly using acrylics and mixed media on wooden panels because this surface is very robust, and I can be creative in the variety of tools and methods I use. I begin each piece with loose mark making, using big brushes and gestures to put down a layer of energy and movement. As each layer is added and quite often subtracted again, I am responding to it like it is a living thing, finding its way to the light. This rhythm and response continues for many layers until there is no more movement only the final smaller more delicate and deliberate gestures that bring it to completion. It is very much like a dance, where I draw upon my early years training in this area as reference. 

Being creative has been a running theme throughout my life from dance to textiles and painting. For me it is a way to express myself and my interpretation of the world in a way that energises me. Inspiration starts when I am outside in nature taking photographs, walking and when it is warm (which, in England is not very often!) just sitting. This love of the natural world developed when I grew up in the Shropshire countryside and later in life the North Yorkshire Moors. 




EdB Animal Portraiture

I am an animal portrait artist based in Leeds, with two main aspects to my work:

Custom Pet Portraits – This is the main focus of my practice and was inspired by my own dog, Lucas, and the special relationship between owners and their pets. I drew Lucas for the first time back in 2015 and have since had over 100 pet portrait commissions, and I love the challenge of capturing the unique personality of each pet I draw. A pet portrait is the perfect way to honour your beloved companion, give a personal gift or to remember an old friend. I sell my portraits through my online shop, and have 4 slots available each month. 

Children’s Character Inspired Animal Art – This side of my work is relatively new and was inspired by my daughter. I drew a set of woodland animals inspired by Beatrix Potter characters for her nursery just before she was born in 2017. As she has grown and discovered classic children’s characters, I have realised how many of these are animals. I decided I would like to create a wide range of wildlife portraits that could be mixed and matched to create character sets, or simply be displayed by themselves. I draw these with watercolour pencil in a realistic style that will grow with children and also appeal to adults, and so far have created portraits inspired by Beatrix Potter, Winnie the Pooh, and the Jungle Book. I sell these designs as prints through my Etsy store.

Instagram: @edb_animalportraiture

Marvellous Ink

I create art works using inks. I draw on images that make me feel calm I.e scenery animals and sometimes more personal imagery about being a mum a wife and an artist. My work is very bright and I try to keep it within a affordable price bracket so all can enjoy original art works.

Instagram: @bbold.and.make

Simon Dobbs

I studied painting at Bradford College of Art and Falmouth School of Art. My paintings are small, expressive landscapes, employing broad brush strokes, with the paint being applied thickly, often mixed on the canvas, animating the surface and giving an immediacy to the image. The paintings are often painted on location. Many of the locations include the Kirkstall area.

Kat Williams Illustration

I’m an Illustrator based in Kirkstall, and I graduated from Leeds Arts University last summer. Since the start of 2019, I’ve been working towards launching a range of handmade, eco-friendly gifts and homewares, and I feel that KAT19 would be the ideal time to start showing my work, in an environment that celebrates creativity and supports local artists

I make drum lampshades featuring original designs inspired by the theme of ‘home’, which for me represents comfort, joy and individuality. Each lampshade is painted and assembled by hand, which makes every item totally unique. The classic shape comes in a range of sizes, suitable for pendant lamps, table lamps and floor lamps.

As well as lampshades, I produce digital prints of my illustrations, often featuring plants, animals and people. I’ve also been working on similar designs for coasters, handmade notebooks and more paper products such as greetings cards and bookmarks, and I hope to begin producing these items over the coming weeks.

Sustainability is a core value of my practice, so I make sure that the fabrics I use are ethically produced, any packaging is made from recycled or bio-degradable material, and the paper used in my art prints is the highest quality recycled stock, printed locally to reduce my carbon footprint. 

Instagram: @katwilliamsillustration

Ellah Mental

Hand burnt and painted wood slices are based upon the divine energies of nature, from the Green Man to the love between the Sun and the Moon, to the beautiful trees in our forests. These truly unique plaques can be hung in the home to connect your urban homes to the luscious landscapes, or brought into your gardens for a burst of colour and creativity.

Instagram: @ellah_mental_arts

The Perky Painter

The brightly coloured paintings of Leeds artist Helen Gibson, professionally known as The Perky Painter, are instantly recognisable. Playful textures and exaggerated colours come together with a refreshing simplicity. 

Helen feels a deep emotional connection to painting, expressing herself through big arm gestures and energetic applications of pure colour. Helen captures emotion and the joy of the creative process so powerfully in her artwork. Using fast drying acrylics, brush strokes and marks are made to be seen, constructing a rich dialogue with the viewer of how the art was formed. Not afraid to experiment, altering the properties of her paint and layering mediums, Helen pushes the boundaries of her materials. 

Helen’s unique prospective looks beyond the everyday into a vivid world of colour, texture and personality. Inspired by the world around her, abstract representations of landscapes, animals and the natural world feature heavily in her work.

There is a consistent happiness to Helen’s bright, bold artwork, this continues in her imaginative character illustrations. Shaped through the visual equation of combining a simplified animal form with a familiar theme to create humorous characters (including the Fruinimals).

Whether it be paintings or illustrated characters, the pleasure enjoyed when creating is unmistakable in Helen’s cheerful, contemporary artwork.
Find out more at and follow her @ThePerkyPainter on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Bird & The Hare – Saturday only

I work with brass, copper and enamel and create pictures and jewellery inspired by nature. I have recently started to create punch needle works using bright coloured wool and yarns.

Workshop: Explore your environment creatively
Mindy Goose
1-4 Saturday and Sunday

Go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings of TCV Hollybush, and learn how to explore creatively with Mindy. Use your senses to take in your environment, and document your experiences using creative writing, sketching or photography. This family friendly workshop aims to encourage creative ways to enjoy the outdoors. Stay as long as you want!

You can drop in or sign up in advance here: