St Stephens Church

Fierce Fine Art

Nick Claiden

I use stained, painted, and fused glass to create vibrant glass sculptures. My watercolours incorporate stained glass techniques on their glass.
My work is strongly narrative exploring the interaction of people and landscape, incorporating birds, which represent quiet, reflection and freedom and contrast with an increasingly frenetic world.

My present work reflects on the impact we are having on our environment and as a metaphor for this where would the fish go if they could.

I was educated at Dartington School, where I studied art to A-level, and at the University of Bristol where I took a degree in Social Administration and Politics before deciding to focus on art. I have had no formal art training but I attended workshops and taken part time courses in painting, etching and printing before discovering glass. I studied stained, leaded and fused glass through classes with Evan Jones at Swarthmore Education Centre, Leeds and then with Ann Sotheran in York. 

I am a member of the Contemporary Glass Society and have had pieces in their online exhibitions as well as a piece in their exhibition ‘Celebrations’ at the Glass Biennial in Stourbridge in 2017.
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Tiffany Barber

I am a Scottish Graduate Artist based in Leeds, England.  I studied at Edinburgh College of Art participating in a 4 year Painting BA(Hons) Degree and a study exchange at the Hungarian University of Fine Art in Budapest, Hungary.  I graduated in July 2016 and have since continued pursuing my artistic career. 

Within my practice I mainly engage with imagery that is both ambiguous and provocative.  I turn the focus towards the viewer, highlighting aspects of their preconceptions in order to ultimately provoke a dialogue concerning the field of ideas raised by each artworks subject.

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris’s screen prints celebrate the diversity of her surroundings, paying particular attention to the relationship between man-made and natural elements that are entwined into our landscapes. 

Working from her original pen drawings, each print is hand printed by the artist at her studio in West Yorkshire. Harris has developed an approach which creates contrast and depth alongside an often limited colour palette to evoke feelings which are both modernistic and nostalgic.

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Instagram: @sarahharrisprints

Alexandra Francis

Dreamland, previously exhibited as part of The Mechanical Circus exhibition in Jamestown, New York, in 2019, is a sculpture that measures 90cm x 34cm and explores the concept of the circus, sound and movement. Inspired by children’s mobiles, this sculpture has been created using silver bells and artificial flowers, that hang from a crocheted body.

Suitable for all ages, the sculpture has been created to enhance the human senses; sight, hear and touch, with the movement of the audience members causing the bells to ring and sound across the space that it is exhibited in.