St Stephen’s Church Hall

Jon Rush

I don’t consider myself a painter and probably never will, but I see paint as the medium in which I feel most able to create something new, freely, without the feeling of knowing too much. There’s no wrong answers or dead ends, just that feeling that messing around with colour brings.

I tend not to use brushes, instead preferring to manipulate various blobs of colour with kitchen scourers, knives, razor blades and plolyfiller.
I’ve only come back to working with paint recently, and have found uploading my stuff onto Instagram to be a good source of feedback, so please feel free to do the same.

Instagram: @jonrushart

Karls Berzins

‘My works are an attempt to turn the flat surface into space with the help of colour. Into vibrant space that takes you inside.’

‘I was born in a small village in Latvia. At present time I am living in Leeds. Through my life, I have created different types of art. But my last passion is painting. I’ve been painting with oil colours since 2015.’

Instagram: @karlsberzins

Judy Eveleigh

I Paint using watercolours, occasionally oils and recently mainly acrylics on canvas. I like to work on a theme and have done a number of paintings on hares, autumn leaves, wildflower meadows, trees and pebbles on a beach.I often paint from photographs I have taken.

Most recently I have experimented with acrylic pouring techniques. I am fascinated by the unpredictability of the finished work. I like to superimpose animals in black on the pattern. My favourite theme is sea colours and marine animals. The finished result makes a unique piece of art.
I have been painting for about 25 years and have exhibited my art at Inkwell, Leeds.

Jagger Studio

Steve is Jagger Studio a graphic designer by trade, having spent many years working in print, advertising and display. He set up Jagger Studio to promote his Lino prints.
Instagram: @jaggerprints

James Diable

Have been recently focusing on figure drawing and portraits and pencil, digital drawing, pencil or oil paint, after taking a number of years out of making art.

My Art has often been revered to visceral and painterly , I have been compared to artists such as Maggi Hambling, Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud. Although some of my work can have an illustrative look.

Brent Sheldon Art

I am a Leeds based artist who loves to combine a passion for sport, music, film and landscapes within my work, I also produce bespoke commission work. I work mainly in acrylics and watercolours but also enjoy mixed media work.

I have been making art on and off for many years but over the last 5 years have produced many commissions and taken part in various local art fairs and events exhibiting and demonstrating. 

I produce original artwork and also various prints and cards from my work.