Kirkstall Bridge Inn

Crafty Ginger

A mixture of digital paintings, ink and marker illustrations and a few crafty bits. Inspiration mostly comes from pop culture, music and film (usually for commission requests) or nature, wildlife and being outdoors.

I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Leeds with excellent knowledge of a wide range of creative practices from print making to digital art and photography.
@crafty.ginger – Instagram

Sampy Sicada

My art shows dreamlike images. Dreams can be surreal or very real, hence my artwork has been both. Inspiration comes from everyday life, the internet and what I remember from dreams when I wake up. As a millenial living in the digital age, obviously my work will reflect this and I will not shy away from who I am.

I try not to put a purposeful message in the pieces as I do not like to preach to people, however, I try to convey emotions and feelings. What I hope is that people feel reminded of things from looking at my work. Even if it is far from what I was thinking about it is interesting to see what different memories and emotions are stoked from the same image. Social constructs and the effects of contrasting upbringings have always fascinated me.

@sicada_art – Instagram

Recycle KAT 2018 maps into Origami!

We had a lot of maps left over from last year, so we thought we could recycle them in a fun origami workshop!  – Workshop