Kirkstall Abbey

Amy Jade Prints

Amy uses traditional printing methods to create fine art prints and products. These are often inspired by folklore, mythology and natural history. Her process usually starts with a pencil drawing, it is then transferred onto lino before carving and printing. This hands on process means each piece is unique.

Amy is originally from Huddersfield but after studying Illustration and Animation at Loughborough University, she moved to Leeds. She makes her prints from her home studio in Kirkstall where she has lived for approximately 6 years.
Instagram: @amyjade_prints

Nokhook Design

‘Moving to UK, I found life is not easy with language and cultural differences that I need to adjust and improve myself. I want to express some feelings of alienation through images of animals from different origins, what I have seen and never seen. These animals in one picture become a never-ending story.’

Anukun has more than 15 years experience in the field of graphic design. Today, he runs his small business selling original design T-shirts and handmade products in Chiang Mai, Thailand and also works as a visiting lecturer at The Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University. Now, he’s a freelance graphic designer and Illustrator based in Leeds.

David Iredale

Working in different mediums, David specialises in figurative sculpture. Using various types of stone and marble, these are mostly a celebration of the human form. David’s background as an engineer has helped him to deal with the practical challenges of being a sculptor.

Based in Leeds, he caught the bug for sculpting after attending a course at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. His favourite stone to work in is Ancaster limestone and marble. His exhibitions in Yorkshire have displayed his sculpture, oil paintings, and drawings in pencil, ink and charcoal. Much of these drawings and sketches are life drawing, and David also runs a life drawing group called Bare Canvas with his wife in the University area of Leeds.

Working from his small studio, his usual method for sculpting is to make a preparatory maquette from clay, using sources that include photographs and life drawings. David has recently fulfilled a long-held ambition, visiting Carrara in Italy to sculpt the marble found there, made famous by the Renaissance masters.
David is happy to discuss commissions.

El Riordan

EL RIORDAN. is based in West Yorkshire and has recently launched her business after graduating in 2018 from Leeds Arts University. She studied a BA (hons) in Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design for three years and has found a love for the screen printing process. Her designs are hand screen printed onto up-cycled linens and other off cut fabrics to create a unique homeware range that reflects individuality and vibrance.

Being from Yorkshire, El’s soul inspiration comes from the hearty Yorkshire landscape and a sense of northern pride. Print designs have a graphic poster art feel and include coordinates that reference some of El’s favourite locations in Yorkshire. El has always been interested in the outdoors and an active lifestyle and has wanted to combine these into an exciting and contemporary product range.
Instagram: @el.riordan

Hathaikan Kongaunruan

My practice elevates the continuously overlooked status of the chair in everyday life. I explore this by manipulating the chair’s primary function, encouraging the audience to question whether they are welcome to sit down on it or not. Another key focus for my work is reducing its damaging impact on our environment. Upcycling is highly important in our current climate where rapid consumerism had led to overflowing landfills and increasingly short lifecycles for everyday commodities. My art aims to project this message by recycling unwanted chairs into various characters, giving them a renewed sense of purpose. 

Previously, I studied at the University of Leeds and graduated in Art and Design in 2018. Following this, I exhibited with Bad Art and Space Honey’s exhibition ‘The Living Room’ in October 2018. I also showcased work alongside nine other artists in Juvenile Effect’s ‘YO1UNG’ exhibition, March 2019. Both exhibitions included works that had been reshaped into creatures, ‘reborn’ to find a place in our continuously evolving world. My most recent group exhibition was ‘YooTOHpeea’ at Lady Beck Studios, Leeds. For this, I modified office chairs to appear functional to the eye, but impossible to actually sit on. This project reflected how the planned gentrification of Leeds might initially sound appealing, but in reality, may not be sustainable for the wider community.


Jill Setterington

Framed and mounted photographs of local interest 
Hand made books using my own photographs which are hand sewn using Japanese stab stitch

I previously exhibited photographs at Kirkstall in 2015. 
I also exhibited photographs at Headingley Art Trail in 2014 and Horsforth Walk of Art in 2018. I currently have photographs in an Exhibition at the Bowery in Headingley – “The State of Urban Loneliness”

Amreen Hussain

Hi my name is Amreen Hussain I am 34 years old and have lived in Leeds all my life. I am a developing artist but also have a background in art as I have done a art GCSE and an A Level. I re started my art journey in September 2017 when my sister gave me the push to re apply my skills and be the inventive and creative person I am. So I re started my journey with the confidence I received. 

To me creativity is about ‘thinking outside the box’. To stretch our minds as far out as we can and look deep into the mystery behind creativity. I find that creativity helps evolve the person we can become and to search the meaning behind the wisdom of life and even eternal life that I personally believe in.

Tom Box

‘My photography is a by-product of wanting to get away from computer screens and spend more time outside, exploring my home city of Leeds. I like to set off in a direction and see what I find, documenting it on film. The slow process of film photography complements my slow meanders through back streets and industrial estates. I really like taking photos of chairs.’

‘I live and work in Leeds, developing my film in my kitchen. I’ve been shooting film for about 3 years. I’ve been wandering about and getting lost for 31 years.’

@arbitrarium – Instagram

Dr Geof

The art of Doctor Geof explores many themes, often whatever is in his head at the time, but primarily his art is focused on satire, alternative history and fetish art.

With a number of significant exhibitions under his belt including the infamous Tea Museum under Cutty Sark, and a 60ft reimagining of North East legend, the Lambton Worm, in the Discovery Museum, Doctor Geof’s art is bold, unafraid and exploratory.

His flagship comic, Fetishman, is an iconic publication which features an unconventional superhero and isn’t afraid to tackle taboo subjects with humour and refreshing realism. Doctor Geof’s work has continued to inspire, challenge and entertain.

Through the use of humour, and innocuous things like tea, Doctor Geof has found ways to open up discussions about more complex issues like politics and the nature of academic knowledge, such as with his large interactive installations The Great Tea Referenda at the Asylum Steampunk Festival.


Instagram: doctorgeof

Facebook: doctorgeof


We have a jam packed itinerary and heaps of artists at the abbey this year! More information to follow, workshops and exhibits by:

Live sound performance ‘A Dark Paradise’
Performance times: 10.30-11.30 Saturday and Sunday, Kirkstall Abbey Chapter House

A Dark Paradise is a collaborative project from multi-disciplinary artist Dan Beesley and roots musician Benjamin William Pike. The concepts of contrast and tradition are explored with a delivery of improvised music and soundscapes from within historic buildings. 

A Journey Through Time
Blood Memory Dance
Performance times: 
1pm workshop at the back of Kirkstall Abbey visitor centre
2:15 performance 1 of ‘A Journey Through Time’ – Cellarium (Kirkstall Abbey)
3:15pm performance 2 – Church

Blood Memory Dance present ‘A Journey Through Time’ – an intergenerational dance performance directed by Emma Clayton, inspired by stories from Kirkstall’s heritage, geography and people. Prior to the performance there is a 1pm participatory dance workshop for all to enjoy!


Extended poetry reading
Claire Wigzell
Meet at the War Memorial, Saturday and Sunday 12:30

Join Clare to hear her long poem about Kirkstall Abbey and park. Clare will read it in sections, then participants will walk in a silent meditation to experience the places mentioned and have their own response. The poem includes memory, history, myth and characters and is easy to understand.


Kirkstall Abbey community mural
Bobbi Rae
11-4 Saturday and Sunday in the Kirkstall Abbey Cloisters

Piece by piece and throughout the duration of the weekend, a collaborative, communal collage will be built up. Play your part in creating a large scale community mural!

There will also be a display of mural pieces by year 9 students at Lawnswood school. Taking inspiration from the recent projects of Lawnswood school’s year 9 art projects, Bobbi has spent time working with students to produce a number of artworks will will be on display at the cloisters.