Headingley Station Allotments

Cabbabaggio, paint by numbers mural
Headingley Station Allotments Association
11-4 Saturday and Sunday

Join in a large scale paint by numbers mural and see an exhibition of art and curiosities by committee and allotment members. – Workshop


Sun print photography
KAT team 
11-4 Saturday and Sunday

Make beautiful photographic prints (cyanotypes) using nothing but the the sun, shapes and special photographic paper. – Workshop

Hen Hut Photography

“The name Hen Hut Photography comes from the fact that our home used to be a hut that housed hundreds of free range hens. I have a small studio space from which I produce high resolution prints of my photographs. I completed two diplomas in Art and Design and this is reflected in my photography. I have held local exhibitions as well as one in the inspiring Yorkshire Dales.”

@henhutphotography – Instagram