62 Morris Lane

Gemma Barnett

My practice has evolved from my love of crafting handmade, quality pieces. I started working more with paper after I had finished my art degree at Leeds College of Art (2011-2014). I could no longer access the resources I have previously used at university to create short film pieces and print my collages onto wall sized pieces of paper yet I felt a deep desire to make something. Paper cutting had been something I had practiced before my degree so it felt natural to revisit it.

I really enjoy the process of formulating an image in my mind from my surroundings or from my imagination then setting out an initial sketch before the scalpel gets anywhere near the paper. When I’m satisfied with the draft drawing I move onto delicately cutting out the picture by hand. My favourite part of this creative process is watching the image come to life; teasing the cut paper away from itself & unveiling the final piece. There is no going back, it is very final!

I decided to transfer my paper cuts to the screen printing process so I could experiment with colour & to be able to produce multiple editions. Currently my framed screen prints are sold at Chripy & at Crust and Crumb in Chapel Allerton.

Instagram: @gemmabarnett86

Amy Buckley Design

My work explores the shapes and forms found in nature, specially leaves and flowers, whilst mixing both hand rendered and digital textures to create expressive, detailed pieces. 

I’ve been working on my current pieces for the past year or so and absolutely love creating! My main printing process is Risograph printing, this is how I print most of my designs. 

I was lucky enough to have taken part in the Girl Gang Leeds festive cards market which has sparked my enthusiasm to be involved in more creative events and get to know more local artists. By the time Kirkstall Art Trail will be happening, I’ll have also had a stall at Nothern Craft’s spring print fair, how exciting!

I sell my work through my Etsy shop, whilst promoting other pieces of work on my Instagram account 

Instagram: @amybuckleydesign

Etsy: https://etsy.com/shop/amybuckleydesign