2 Victoria Road

Kim Youdan

‘Stepping out of my comfort zone and into the unknown ignites the creative spark that I continually seek. My eyes are wide ready to capture colour and culture. Walking old streets, hiking new trails and exploring many places provides the best source of inspiration for my art practice.

My need to travel is almost as strong as my need to create, the two come hand in-hand as integral parts of who I am. The marriage of monochrome photography impacted with abstract colour is the basis of the mixed media technique I have developed. My camera has historically been the tool I use for quenching my creative thirst. Capturing moments through image-making is complimented with colour combinations and mark making.

Abstract brush strokes bring an added element of excitement and rule breaking to my work. The colour expands on, and brings attention to, certain parts of the image, this could be movement in the captured moment or highlighting particular details of the image.

The passion I have for visiting new places and the impact it has on my creativity has resulted in my leading a nomadic lifestyle. The unsettled nature of nomadic living has ensured I have a constant flow of ideas and this keeps my art expanding into different and sometimes unexpected areas of focus.’

Kim has been a photographer for over 10 years and been creating mixed media artwork for the last 2 years. She has chosen to live nomadically which provides a constant flow of

Instagram: @kimyoudan.art


Mandy Long

I have been working in ceramics for the past fifteen years, exhibiting in galleries and art fairs around the country. A piece of my work was purchased by Leeds City Council and is on show in the Civic Hall. I’ve also worked extensively with Phoenix Dance and Leeds Rhinos.

My work is inspired by movement in sport and dance and I try to capture some of that passion and energy .

I choose a raku finish to my work because that too contributes to the energy of the work. Fired out of doors in a gas kiln, and then in a pit of sawdust, the fire is left to do its work and the results are always exciting!