Schools and NCS



This year a number of local schools and young people taking part in NCS are involved with the trail, Find out more about them and what they are doing below:



Rosebank Primary

At Rosebank Primary, the children learn through a whole variety of creative activities both inside the classroom and also through the after school clubs.  Classroom art lessons are always linked to the curriculum.  This might be a particular topic they are learning or a book they have read.  The school offers a wide range of creative after school clubs which include Drawing (‘the Marvel Way’), Model Making, Arts and Crafts for both KS1 and KS2 and Print Making.

Kirstall Art 1

The children are extremely proud of their work and keen to celebrate their diversity of skills and talent.  Their artwork demonstrates an enthusiasm to learn through creativity, in an environment where new ideas are very much encouraged to get the best out of every child.


Kirkstall Valley Primary School

At Kirkstall Valley Primary School, we provide all children with many learning opportunities to engage in Art. We believe Art should give children the skills and understanding necessary for them to express their responses to ideas and experiences in visual or tactile form. It fires their imagination and is a fundamental means of personal

Whilst it is essentially a practical subject, Art at Kirkstall Valley provides opportunities for reflection and, as children develop, we help our children to make informed, critical responses to their own work and that of others. We often link our Art lessons to other areas of the curriculum and children learn how to express themselves through a range of different forms such as drawing, painting, collage and sculpture, as well as learning about inspirational artists. Children have their own sketchbooks that they add to  throughout their time in Key Stage Two.

By the end of Year Six, they love looking back and seeing how much they’ve grown as artists. Every year we celebrate Art Day at Kirkstall Valley, where children work with others from different classes, visiting three different teachers throughout the day. This gives our children the opportunity to engage in different artistic experiences. This year, we all focused on a famous artist and used their artwork to inspire our activities and felt so proud of our achievements!


The work exhibited at this year’s Kirkstall Art Trail comes from our Art Day and the children are so excited to see their artwork on show.

National Citizen Service

A group of 12 young people from Leeds are taking part in National Citizen Service (NCS) this summer. As part of their social action project they will be creating a scavenger hunt style activity to go alongside the Kirkstall Art Trail. Working as a team they will design the activity, fund raise and prepare all materials needed in order for their idea to come to life!