Mel Dewey

Mel Dewey is an artist photographer who is based in Burley, working within her community following an analogue practice that started over 30 years ago whilst growing up in the seaside town of Scarborough. Following the completion of an MA at Leeds Arts University last year, herself and fellow artist have formed a supportive collective known as @TCL Art Collective who explore art based opportunities and exhibit work throughout West Yorkshire. Mel’s photographic practice explores a variety of styles and techniques that have been inspired by other photographers such as Henri Cartier- Bresson, Peter Mitchell, Martin Parr, Anna Atkins, Vivian Maier and Lee Miller, to name just a few.

Mel Dewey’s photographic practice uses traditional analogue techniques to capture serendipitous moments found in pop-up environments. Over the past few years Mel has explored and photographed fairgrounds in Leeds and Scarborough in order to create a Photo Book titled ‘A Different World’. Energy and colour, along with light and aspects of darkness have become embedded in her practice, transforming these memories into artistic representations of pure nostalgia. As this reflective journey has progressed a deeper narrative has emerged that supports each image creating a combination of old and new experiences based on childhood memories.

This artistic style of analogue photography has led to further projects and commissions in Leeds to create a body of work for ‘Leeds Nostalgia’. This was exhibited at 5 Wellington Place for 3 months this year. More recently Mel has been exploring natural and urban environments around Leeds that are disappearing or undergoing significant changes of reconstruction in order to map this historical indifference.

Instagram: @meldewey_artphotos
Twitter: @meldewey_photos