Marvellous Ink-Art

‘My work is bright mixes of inks exploring familiar objects such as animals and flowers. The images are chosen in a number of different locations and from photographs. The aim is to play and enjoy the process. I am inspired by my two year old who is always looking and seeing things for the first time. If my Artwork can have the same impact that makes me happy.’

‘I completed a Fine Art Degree in Leeds in 2009, my work concentrated on sculptural forms of the human body. I then went on to complete my Masters Degree Art Psychotherapy in 2012 and now work as a private practitioner. My studio is my home as I have a lively 2yr old. My work has been inspired by being a mum, surrounded by animals and primary colours. It is only over the last year that I have started to make again for the public which has been a real joy.’

Facebook: @Marvellous.Ink