Kevin Harlow

‘I’m probably best described as an art equivalent of a session musician. I make things as required for designers, museums and other artists as well as practising my own work. This means being able to turn my hand to 2-D and 3-D pieces in various media.

My father was proprietor of a model shop, so I learned my skills early on making models and have ended up doing similar things on a much bigger scale. I came to art college in Leeds in 1972 and have stayed in the area ever since.

I taught art from 78-87 and then became part of the heritage industry. Since 1990 I have somehow managed to make a living as a self-employed artist/sculptor. My work is usually realistic with a twist, hopefully thought provoking but which can also be enjoyed on several levels.’

‘I’ve lived in Kirkstall since 1985 and have worked from home as a full-time sculptor/artist since 1990.’