Jagger Studio

‘Based in Leeds, I am a graphic designer by trade and spent years honing my skills through my experience working in print, advertising and display. I recently set up Jagger Studio to promote my Lino prints. Unlike traditional artistic mediums where you see the results as you work on a piece, Lino printing is different. Its unpredictability allows for interpretation during the cutting process, and through the printing process, it’s not until the printing stage is complete that you see the results.

I sign this work under the name ‘Jagger’, an ode to my late father who’s middle name was K. J. Bennett, The J standing for the name of his mum, Jagger, my late dada was a war baby. My work falls into two distinct categories, portraits of Rock Icons and more traditional prints of birds, flowers animals and landscapes. Depending on the venue and opportunity I like to bring along some of the original Lino cut masters to show people how its done and often I am working on a piece of Lino at the show.’

‘I am a graphic designer by trade and work on my Jagger prints at home in a small studio in Guiseley. I have only been cutting an printing for just over 14 months starting in January 2017’


Social media: @jaggerprints