Hollie Prince

‘As a teacher I have realised that it is often the journey to achieving your goal that is important and that you should be able to enjoy the process of what you are doing regardless of the outcome. My recent work has is very abstracted as I have become enamoured with the process of making and teaching students that there are many form of “good” Art. I have been experimenting with the flow of paint, combinations of colour and texture to build sculptural layers within my Art, whilst at the very heart of the work is a sense of joy in the journey itself.’

‘I graduated from Newcastle university with a BAs in Fine Art in 2014. Since then I have moved to the kirkstall area and teach Art at a secondary school in Bradford. I’d say Art is something I’ve always done from a young age and as an adult it is a way for me to switch off from the everyday.’

Instagram: @hmprinceart