EdB Animal Portraiture

‘I work on commission, creating custom pet portraits in colour pencil on either A4 or A3 paper. The aim of my work is to capture the personality of each individual animal, and I love the challenge that comes with replicating the characteristics and features of various breeds and species.

I draw mostly dogs, but also cats, rabbits, horses and birds – the most obscure pet I’ve drawn being a giant snail! A lot of my portraits are commissioned as gifts or memorial pieces, and are a perfect way to honour a beloved pet or pay tribute to an old companion.’

‘I work from my home studio (spare room!) in Kirkstall. I have been working part time as a pet portrait artist for almost three years, and my own dog, Lucas, a West Highland Terrier, inspired my business.

I have a background in various art forms; with a degree in theatre design, and experience on projects in theatre, film, animation and arts & wellbeing. However, my first love has always been drawing, and I rediscovered this passion in 2015 when I decided it had been too long since I had drawn anything, and thought that Lucas would make a good subject.

My drawings of him sparked a lot of interest and I have gone on to draw around 90 pet portraits, and have received commissions from the UK, USA, Japan and Australia’


Facebook: www.facebook.com/elizabethdebroise
Instagram: @edb_animalportraiture