Clever Cunst

‘I have a background in Graphic Design, studying it to degree level and working in the industry for many years so my passion is for print. As much as I loved my work in graphic design my true love lies in analogue as opposed to digital so am now going it alone and I have gone back to my roots, handdrawn illustrations but still with a clear graphic style.

I work in pen & ink, making illustrations often with political & social  content. I try to inject tongue in cheek humour & sarcasm into my pieces but at the same time aim to raise & highlight issues & concerns that not only affect myself but wider society. Aesthetically speaking, my pieces are graphic, print based, with heavy black lines, marker strokes & flat, bright colour. Ultimately, whether people get a new perspective or just mild amusement from my work, I’m happy! Most of my pieces are no bigger than A4 size ink illustrations on textured paper.’

‘I studied Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam University and gained my BA Hons in 2011, from there I worked in Graphic Design at various print companies and agencies in both London & Leeds designing everything from takeaway menus to huge property advertising boards! For personal reasons in 2014 I had to take some time out from working and used the time to go back to my roots and develop my practice in a more analogue direction. As much as I love print design my passion lies in analogue rather than digital so have been working in illustration ever since. As I have only recently gone it alone so to speak I have been focusing on developing my hand-drawn work and have just started to take part in exhibitions such as Kirkstall Art Trail. I have also done other exhibitions such as The Human Condition at East Street Arts and She will need her Sisterhood at The Brunswick.’

Instagram: @clevercunst
Twitter: @clevercunst