Andrew Sales

The paintings depict scenes of collective groups often in surreal, threatening scenarios. Andrew says, ‘I think the paintings have an air of the theatrical about them, but the figures are more like a combined mass, locked in paradigms of behaviour.’

Essentially the images are about the human figure interacting with its counterparts and environment. Andrew’s overall technique, ‘a sort of anxious, twiddly layering and piecing together of the image’ creates atmospheres of tension and mystery, which other signifiers and mythologies satellite off from during the painting’s creation. Andrew adds aspects of scale, perspective and colour to build up each painting, looking a great deal at past paintings and drawings by himself or other artists.

It is in the detail of creating figures that interact with both each other, the light, pattern and environment of the painting that enthrals me and he finds the creation of these micro societies incredibly stimulating and exciting. The painters he looked at during this creation of work were, Lucien Freud, Max Ernst and John Martin as he likes great craftsmanship in painting, but also prefers the slightly troubled, awkward aesthetic of certain artists. Most famous of all, Van Gogh, but also painters such as Breugel, L.S Lowery and Edward Burra, who demonstrate beautiful skill and craftsmanship coupled with a strange nervous energy that honestly conveys a very clear meaning and style.

Andrew began studying art seriously in sixth form and this led me to apply for a place at Newcastle College on their foundation diploma course, where he specialised in Fine art. After receiving a merit from Newcastle he began studying a Fine Art Bachelors degree at Loughborough University in 2012, focusing entirely on painting.

After graduating with a 2:1 he moved to Leeds and continued to make work. He has been commissioned for paintings and murals throughout his practice and openly accepts any new project. Exhibitions include, Loughborough Free Range Exhibitors, Brick Lane, London, 2015. Summer Exhibition, The West End Gallery, Leicester, 2015 and LSA Annual Exhibition 2016-17, New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester. Andrew has painted half a dozen murals in Corbridge, Newcastle and Loughborough and is also a member of The Leicester Society of Artists after being nominated for a graduate prize in 2015. Recently he has been giving art lessons to private students in and around Leeds.