Amy Balderston

Originally a ‘pretty feral child’ from Lincolnshire, Amy is constantly delighted and inspired by nature, animals doing ridiculous things and the simple things in life. She uses her pens to capture and share this joy. Ranges include: The Furious Vegetable Army, Hostile Houseplants, Garden Birds, Party Animals, The Flower Alphabet and English Blooms.

These chronic designs are available and scattered onto cards, prints, tea towels and laser etched onto chopping boards.

Amy arrived in Leeds in 2006 to study Visual Communications at LCA, and has found it terribly hard to leave. After various stints in multiple places she is currently the Community Manager at Duke Studios, which she says makes her lucky for many reasons. ‘Surrounded by so many creative people, and a place to draw and create myself. Drawing has always been a source of delight in my life, but the last year or so has been my proudest.’
Instagram: @itsbalderston