Have a look at this year’s exhibitors! Click on an artist/maker below to see some of their work and learn a little more about them.



Amy Balderston
Leeds based illustrator of birds, flowers & comical creatures.

Amy Jade Prints
Amy uses traditional printing methods to create fine art prints and products inspired by folklore, mythology and natural history.

Andrew Sales
Imaginary, often a little unsettling, personal paintings about different veins of human interaction.

Anukun Hamala
Graphic design, illustration and drawing

Bellisful Boutique
Handmade mixed-metal jewellery (sterling silver, copper and brass) inspired by nature.

Ben Whittington
Original work in the form of hand pulled screen prints

Bloomin Great Corridor

Brent Sheldon
Working in acrylics and watercolours, Brent uses his passion for music, sport , film and landscapes to inspire his painting.

Clever Cunst
Graphic print based ink illustrations with a social/political content

Conscious Zine
A student run zine and podcast on current issues and culture.

Dan Beesley and Benjamin William Pike
An abstract improvised musical performance, from the bell tower of St Stephens Church.

Daniel Hellen/1743
Stencil and spray paint influenced by the world around him

EdB Animal Portraiture
Custom pet portraits in colour pencil

Emma Saynor
A digital illustrator and graphic designer working in Accessible Information Design. Digital illustration with an element of social/political commentary.

Federica Benvenuto
Drawings and illustrations with traditional media and the support of digital tools

GLB Creations
Handmade collages made from recycled newspapers and magazine

Hollie Prince
Abstract expressionist paintings using mixed media on a range of scales.

Ian Judd
Small oil paintings.

Bold paintings and drawings of everyday objects with human faces.

Jagger Studio
A Lino print artist producing prints based on photos of flowers, landscapes and rock icons

Jayne Moyle Photography
Landscape photography – as prints and greeting cards

Joanna Dunne

Jon Rush
Acrylic and Emulsion on Canvas.

Jonathan Hooper
Paintings and prints of Leeds, and the suburbs of Hyde Park, Meanwood, Headingley and Kirkstall.

Josie Lee

Julia Cusworth
Mixed media artworks inspired by nature

June Parsons
A Leeds based multidisciplinary Artist creating paintings inspired by people and the environment.

Karls Berzins
This is an internal dialogue between Karls and the subject matter. The result is brushed out.

Kevin Harlow
A tongue in cheek mixture of pop-art, surrealism and anything else he can think of

Kim Youdan
Inspired by colour and driven by travel. Mixed media art using photography as the  foundation to her work.

Kirkstall Now/Kirkstall Educational Cricket Club
Three artists working across different media, and a Gelliplate workshop

Lawrence n malu

Lazaros Kalogirou

Left Bank Leeds Group Show

Lottie Kilraine

Maisie Campion

Mandy Long
Figurative ceramic sculpture inspired by movement in sport and dance.

Mark Hinchcliffe
Mainly black and white 5×4″ film photography

Marvellous Ink-Art
Bright rainbow colours exploring familiar images with a focus on animals and flowers.

Mary Warden
Drawings, paintings and prints inspired by natural and geometric forms, which play with colour and pattern

Mel Dewey
An artist photographer who captures energy and light using analogue photographic techniques.

Mike Sells
Prints of local scenes: Kirkstall and Headingley area

Mindy Goose
Mindy’s fine art practice looks at walking as art

Mussarat Rahman
Vibrant and colourful, unique, intuitive stylised artwork, created using a broad range of modalities and materials, embracing many cultural facets

Natalia Gerodetti

Natalie Harris

Paul Hannah/Paul Aitch Art

Sarah Hardy-Box
Multidisciplinary artist exploring memory, place and experience with a strong focus on process and abstraction.

Sarah Harris
Limited edition screen prints of local landscapes, paying particular attention to the relationship between man-made and natural elements.

Sareth Gavage Art
Psychedelic explorations of envisaged worlds and landscapes

Simon Dobbs

Thomas Young

Tom Box
Medium format film photography focusing on the forgotten corners of Leeds

Wes Foster
Abstract documentation of space and ideas through photography and prose.