Artist Information

What is the next step?

All submissions have now been responded to by the KAT team. If you have not heard back from us on Curatorspace or by email, please contact

We’re currently working through the artist contract and allocating venues, so right now you have nothing to do but keep on creating and we’ll be in touch soon.

Of course, if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

When will I be allocated a venue?

Once we have sent out artist contracts, and you have signed and returned them.

When do I install my work?

This is organised between you and your venue. Some people set up on the Friday evening before the trail if access is available, if not, most people go early to set up on the Saturday morning (20th July).

When will the map be available?

The map will be available sometime in spring 2019

Do you take commission?

We do not currently take a commission as we want the trail to be accessible to all, but if you feel like you make a great profit on the weekend and want to contribute towards the future of the trail, we’ll let you know how you can do this!

Can I sell my artwork?

Of course! But equally you don’t have to, and pricing is entirely up to you.

Do the venues have disabled access?

Unfortunately, due to the variety and nature of our venues we cannot confirm that they will all have disabled access.

Where can I park?

Some of our venues do have parking available but restrictions and charges may apply. There is some on street parking available in the local area.

How do I get there on public transport?

Kirkstall Abbey is our central information point so it would be advisable to head here. There are several buses you can take from the city centre including 757, 33, 33A that will take you straight to the Abbey. If you would prefer to catch a train, the closest station is Headingley and there will be a number of venues around here that you can also collect a map.

Will I be able to see the trail as well as exhibiting?

This depends on how many other people you are exhibiting with, but generally, groups organise between themselves to watch over other exhibits (at the artist’s own risk) if you want to pop out and see the other venues.